The “Can’t Sleep” Blog

Well, those of you that know me should know that I have ADHD. And, with ADHD, comes insomnia. That is why I’m wide awake at 5:50 am, when I should be sound asleep in my bed. Insomnia is no fun, guys, let me just tell you that right now 😦

On a brighter note, I’ve been on a Grav3yardgirl kick on Youtube, and I’ve been watching a whole ton of her videos. She’s just so funny! The one I’m watching right now is actually one of my favorites. You can find it here. Does anybody else love her?

I’m not gonna make this blog post too long, mostly because I’m tired and feeling uncreative at the moment. But, I’ll probably write more later. So, I’ll see you guys then!


Hey guys :)

Hi everyone! This is my new personal blog. I’ll be writing various things about my life, cool things I find on the internet, and just random stuff to hopefully make you smile~ Anyway, I hope you enjoy this blog! 😀